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Big Strong Smoothie Time

posted by Corey Buckner
in Diet
on March 11, 2017

I had myself another Big Strong Smoothie today. It was full of nutrients, vitamins, and most importantly... PROTEIN! Here's what I put inside it: Kale Spinach 2 slices of fresh cut pineapple 1 carrot 1 kiwi with skin 2 bananas 7 strawberries Ice & water Made enough...[continue]say nice

Big Strong U Training: Defensive Player of the Year

posted by Corey Buckner
in Features
on March 08, 2017

I've had a few real good training sessions with Elisha in the last week. I did weight training with him prior to his senior year of high school football, and he ended up leading the team in tackles and was chosen as the team's defensive player of the year. Now that he is preparing to go off ...[continue]


5 Reasons Couples Who Workout Together Work Out!

posted by Corey Buckner
in Features
on March 07, 2017

It's a well documented and proven fact that couples who workout together both improve their overall fitness and relationships. There are very few bonding experiences for couples like going to the gym, working up a good sweat together and watching themselves progress together in health and fitnes...[continue]say nice

What!??? White Castles Vegan Sliders

posted by Corey Buckner
in Diet
on March 05, 2017

So, I found out yesterday that White Castles' veggie sliders are now vegan. This was a shock to me because I didn't even know they had veggie sliders. So of course I ran right out and tried Them! They were good as a fast food option. Nothing amazing, but a decent enough vegan option when ...[continue]say nice

Arms with Big Los

video included
posted by Jas Holley
in General
on March 02, 2017

Sorry there is no picture but I think this video should do nicely. ...[leave a comment]say nice