Typical Daily Big Strong Meal Prep

2 REPRESENTSCorey Buckner (@cocobuckner)
in Eat More Plants
on March 20, 2017

I get asked a lot about what I eat on a day-to-day basis that allows me to build muscle while also losing weight in the form of fat. This diet is not for everyone, but this is a typical day of eating for me when I have time to properly meal prep.

Fruit & vegetable Smoothie:
Today I'm having spinach, kale, pineapple & banana. Most days I would add strawberries to that mix, but I noticed at the last minute I was out of strawberries so I went with what I had.

I have a fruit plate and nuts. Great source of good/natural sugar to burn for energy and protein from the nuts.

I make two smoothies in the morning, so I have the same smoothie for dinner. Some days I will have a salad or fruit plate too; but most days, especially gym days I just have the smoothie.

Your first question might be to wonder if I'm hungry. No, I'm not. The reason is that hunger pangs are related to nutrition and not just the physical absence of mass in the stomach. So, because the smoothie contains fruits and vegetables I'm getting a full meal with plenty of nourishment. So I simply don't get hunger pangs. Think about it, if I cooked a plate of spinach and kale and had just pineapple slices on the side you would consider that a full meal. I'm just drinking that meal instead of eating it making it easier to digest and for my body to consume that nourishment.

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So Swole Jones @soswolejones
March 21, 2017

Looks so healthy bro, but I still don't know how you do it.