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Firm Thigs, Glutes & Abdomen Workout

by Corey Buckner in Workout Routines
January 25, 2019

Firm thighs, glutes, abdomen with an overall toned look in a 3-days per week workout routine

Focus on eliminating sugary drinks to decrease overall caloric intake and sugar intake. Unused calories prevent you from burning fat stores presently in your body for energy and sugar creates insulin resistance and decreases the hormone Leptin which helps our body know when we’ve already stored an adequate enough fat for a rainy day; causing even more fat stores. Cutting out sugary drinks is an easy way to significantly decrease caloric intake and the amount of sugar you consume.

Drink a lot of water… PLAIN water. Make as many of your drinks throughout the day water.

Try to plan your meals. Carbs are okay, but try to keep your calories low and sugar intake low

I am piggy-backing your back workouts in on upper body day to save a day for intense cardio. Ideally, back would have it’s own separate day; but not for this routine. I tried to keep each routine around 1-hour. If you have more time than that we can do a little more for even better results.


Day 1: Leg Day

1. Warmup:
5-minutes on the treadmill at a light-to-moderate pace

2. Squats (free weights):
5 sets of 12; pick a weight that is difficult about 10th and 11th rep of the first set


3. Calf Raises
5 sets of 8 using body weight, or machine assisted depended on your strength


4. Reverse Leg lifts
3 sets of 8


5. Leg Extensions
3 sets of 12


6. Thigh Curls
3 sets of 10


7. Situps
100 total in whatever increments you can. Work up to 100 straight without pausing for rest.

Day 2: Rest day

Do some light cardio. A 30-minute walk at a moderate pace would be ideal

Day 3: Intense Cardio

1. Warmup:
5-minutes on the treadmill at a light-to-moderate pace

2. Jump Rope:
15 minutes jumping, alternating between moderate to intense

3. Treadmill:
2 minutes walking, followed by 26 minutes jogging and running followed By 2 minutes walking cool-down

4. Stationary Bike:
15 minutes intense riding

5 minutes light walking on the treadmill

Day 4: Rest
No Activity, let your entire body rest

Day 5: Upper Body

2-minutes on the treadmill at a light-to-moderate pace

2.Bench Press:
5 reps of 12 sets with light weight (2-minute rest periods)

3. Dumbbell Fly:
5 sets of 12 reps with light weight (2-minute rest periods between sets)


4. Curls:
5 sets of 12 (2-minute rest periods between sets)

6. Triceps Pushdowns:
3 sets of 10


7. Kettlebell Swings:
3 sets of 8


8. Seated Cable Rows:
3 sets of 10


9. Planks:
5, 1-minute planks

10. Cooldown:
5 minutes light walking on the treadmill

Day 6: Rest
Light cardio if you want

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