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My Current 3-Excercise Chest Routine

by Corey Buckner in Workout Routines
January 26, 2017

It's true, I went from being a guy who had a tiny chest and puny arms, to having a chest that my woman absolutely loves. While strength is a primary focus for me, isn't that ALWAYS a goal to have your significant other look at your progress and smile? The best part of it all is that I only work on my chest one day per week at this time, and I am still getting stronger with a better overall physique.

Here is my current, one day a week routine:

Benchpress on the flat bench
5 sets of 5 reps. Find your own weight, to go as heavy as you can; I'm currently working out with 225 pounds.

Butterflies (Machine)
5 sets of 5. Again, find your own weight to go as heavy as possible. I am currently working out with 120 pounds.

Benchpress Close Grip
5 sets of 5 as heavy as possible. I am currently using 145 pounds.

That's the full routine, and that's it. I do this once per week, and am achieving the results that I currently have. I am getting stronger, and developing a decent physique while giving my pectoral muscles ample time to rest and repair.

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