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Absolute Fail

by Corey Buckner in Places to Eat
November 10, 2017

Many of you saw the video where I both excitedly and greedily exited home at 10 PM to run out and satiate my desire for pizza with no cheese on it. I've added attached that video to this post for those who have not seen it so that you can FEEL how much of a fail this was for me. Needless to say, I was EXTREMELY excited to get my hands on a no cheese pizza having recently had a delicious one for the first time at Papadeaux. So I ordered the pizza pictured above from Dominoes, and it was a total letdown.

Fist thing first is that I probably need to ask for extra EVERYTHING if I ever order one of these again. As you can see they went "fast food level" skimpy on the toppings. I had spinach and olives; and I feel like I counted 12 pieces of each on the entire pizza, lol. Not to mention how extremely DRY that pizza was. I'm for real; it was nearly inedible it was so dry. Tamekia says I needed to select extra sauce, to which I say, "ABSOLUTELY". But; should I have to order extra sauce for a pizza to be edible? No... but I understand what I'm getting when I order fast food style pizza.

The taste, it was fine. had there been enough of the toppings this would have been a perfectly fine option. The sauce was what it was and the spinach was kind of bland... but I wasn't expecting gourmet pizza so it's cool. Will I ever order this again? I think I'll give it one more shot with extra toppings before I form a final opinion on the no cheese pizza from Dominoes.

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