Weight Loss 101 ch. 4

Big Cut Sugar from Your Diet
One of the basics expectations when getting healthy with Big Strong U is that you reduce sugar from your food as much as possible. This is not because I hate sugar, and has everything to do with giving your body the opportunity and ability to process stored fat for fuel. This is how that works.

Refined sugar causes the body to produce the hormone insulin in order to convert blood sugar into glycogen. That glycogen is then used to fuel your body for everyday tasks, workouts, etc. Insulin then takes unused glycogen and stores it as fat in the body to use as energy at a later time. Therefore it is easy to see how unused, stored sugar (fat) in our body is a root cause for being overweight. By constantly consuming large amounts of sugar on a daily basis, we are routinely taking in more energy than we are using causing our body to store more and more of that energy as fat for later use. While we continue to store energy (fat) for later use, we are never using it because we continue providing the body with new usable energy every day.

This is like putting 30 gallons of gas in your car every single day, and then only driving a few miles. That gas tank is going to continually overflow; and in order to keep adding another 30 gallons of gas everyday you will have to keep addin gas tanks onto the car in order to store the excessive fuel you keep putting into it. This is what you are doing to your body by continually putting fuel (sugar, carbs and other foods) into to it everyday, and never using all of that fuel in a single day. If you are overweight right now, you are like that car I described. You have extra fuel tanks all over your body filled to capacity with unused fuel. The goal at Big Strong U is to stop you from continuing to store that excess, unused fuel so that we can start running on all that stored fuel you possess.

So how do we use that stored fuel?

A second reason that I ask all Big Strong U clients to cut sugar from your food as much as possible is because of the insulin response that the body has to it. It is important that you know as long as your body has insulin released in it, you will NOT burn that stored fat for fuel. It is not a sliding scale ratio where if you have a little insulin you will burn a little sugar and a little fat. No, if there is insulin present you are not using your stored fuel at all.

In order to lose body fat, your body needs to tap into your stored fuel sources. Therefore; if you are constantly providing your body new sugar as a new fuel source, it will happily continue to run on that and never feel the need to tap into your fat cells for fuel. So in order to lose weight, and by lose weight we all really mean lose body fat, we have to begin giving your body a reason to tap into our stored fuel… our stored fat by depriving it of a continual supply of sugar.

At Big Strong U you will do this by limiting your sugar intake. Not only should you limit your overall intake of sugar; but you also need to limit the amount of times you consume it throughout the day. Remember; consuming sugar causes an insulin spike. When insulin is present your body will not burn your stored fat for fuel. Therefore; if you eat a little sugar at breakfast, then a little sugar at lunch, then a little sugar at dinner, then a little sugar for a bedtime snack; you have essentially spiked your insulin all day long. That means; for the benefit of a few sugary snacks spread throughout the day you have given up an entire day of burning stored fat. It would be better to consume your sugar once a day and create as many hours as possible between consumption.

The goal is to extend the number of hours throughout the day that your day-to-day life is run using the stored fat that you want to lose as energy. This, while also breaking the habit of giving your body more fuel than you can use in a single day. The CDC recommends that the average human being only needs 9 teaspoons of sugar daily. Anything above that is more than likely going to end up stored in your body for use as energy later.. i.e. as fat. During a weight loss phase, I would like you to consume even less than that.

Now, it isn’t that simple because other things cause spikes in insulin as well; but at Big Strong U we work at a gradual pace; so we always begin with tackling the most egregious offender first; that being granulated sugar.

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