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EAT MORE PLANTS Brunch at Cafe Zola

Café Zola in Anne Arbor l, Michigan was amazing. My wife (Meeks) and I stopped in last weekend on our way up to Anchor Bay & Port Huron. Meeks had the Salmon prosciutto and I had this amazing Portobella Mushroom (Portobella Pacino on the menu). It was a nearly perfect mushroom cap served on a toasted paesano roll and covered with red onions, peppers, kale and my all time favorite vegetable, eggplant! In fact, it was the eggplant topping that stood out to me on the menu.

Thankfully I had made us a reservation while back in Illinois (4 hours and a time zone away), because the place was both packed and crowded. This was definitely a popular hotspot in downtown Ann Arbor as evidenced by the constantly packed tables and steady flow of newcomers seeking a table. If you're going to visit, I highly suggest that you make a reservation, or be prepared to wait. If you are making a reservation, I suggest that you specifically request an outdoor table (weather permitting). It is very loud and crowded indoors, which isn't really the vibe Meeks and I typically opt for, and I wasn't aware of the indoor/outdoor reservation options. If you don't mind, or enjoy an upbeat, crowded, high decibel environment and being surrounded by a barrage of separate conversations, you will love the indoor setting. If you prefer a more spacious, laid back and serene environment, an outdoor table right on the streets of downtown Ann Arbor will be your preference. The next time Meeks and I stop through Café Zola, we will opt for the latter.

All in all, we left our brunch at Café Zola with zero complaints and a mouthful of praise for their amazing food. We will definitely find our way to their dining area again in the very near future.


Houlihan's Pulled off a Miracle

Houlihan's Bar & Grill in Schererville, Indiana pulled off a bit of a miracle last night; they made me like cauliflower. Most of you all know that I harbor no love for that bland, bleached-down cousin of broccoli, and that I do all that I can to avoid it. But, having only recently given up m...[continue]

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UMAI Japanese Kitchen & Sushi

Meeks and I went out on a date this past weekend and she had octopus for the first time. Following our trip to "Artopia: An Immersive Art Experience" we stopped by UMAI Japanese Kitchen & Sushi in downtown Chicago for dinner. The setting and ambiance were exquisite and the food was amazi...[continue]

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Hidden Vietnamese Food Gem 2 Hours from Chicago

Just outside of the heart of Downtown Rockford, IL and mere minutes away from the Rock River sits a hidden gem of Vietnamese dining. Nustled in an unassuming storefront on a rather unassuming street sits Hai Qyunh, a small and cozy Vietnamese dining experience waiting to be had. Don’t be fooled by...[continue]

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Salmon, Oysters & Scallops at Greenfire Restaurant

This past weekend I was celebrating both my wife's birthday and Valentine's day. As such, it was time for us to drop the kids off at their Nanna's house and get away as a couple for a few days. Those of you who have known me for a while are fully aware by now that [my wife] Meeks' bi...[continue]

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Plant-Based Eating at Bonefish Grill

This past weekend my wife was looking absolutely too good to just go straight home after church. So, after considering a few places to eat before we went to look at Christmas decorations for our house; we settled on Bonefish Grill in Orland Park, IL. Not the most plant-based friendly restaurant out ...[continue]

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Plant-Based at Olive Garden

I had not been to Olive Garden for ten years due to a bad experience with a hostess and waitress. I won't bring up old news because I'm fairly certain that anyone related to that incident is long gone from the company. So, last night after attending the Judge Mathis show with Meeks; she sai...[continue]

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