How Big Strong U Coaching Works

MANAGE YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY is the perfect place to keep track of your fitness journey with tools to track and compare your physical stature over time with progress pictures, keep track of your weight losses and gains and to track and share your daily fitness journey.

Workout Plan

When you join the Big Strong U program, the first step is setting you up with a customized workout program. Your plan will take into account your specific needs, goals and physical capabilities; and will be made conveniently available to you via your account homepage. This plan is complete with daily activities as well as exercise descriptions and examples.

These workout plans are also tailored to either home or gym environments based upon your preferences are and whatever workout equipment you have access to. Even if you do not own any equipment or gym membership; I will establish an equipment-free, full-body workout plan that will help you meet your desired goals.

ZOOM Check-Ins and Meet-Ups

The Big Strong U Check-In and Meet-Up is a great opportunity to video chat with me, Corey Buckner and sometimes other Big Strong U trainees.

  • Get encouragement
  • Share your progress
  • Ask questions
  • Meet other people who are also getting their FIT together right now.

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Direct Coaching

Big Strong U Trainees are given access to communicate with me daily via the website in order to ask specific questions regarding your personal fitness goals. This creates an ongoing dialogue between you and I, and gives you the opportunity to get answers to difficult, complex and private fitness questions.


Diet plans are essential to any fitness journey. I provide both general and client-specific diet and eating plans. Despite what is commonly taught, there exists a vast array of meal plans that can help indivicuals reach their health and fitness goals.

There doesn't exist one single plan that works best for everybody, and it is important that you identify the plan that:
  • You can commit to and follow based on your individual set of circumstances
  • Will actually work for you

Big Strong U provides coaching for a variety of diet plans meet a wide range of dietary goals including:
  • General improved health & fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Vegetarian
  • Plant-Based/Vegan
  • Fasting & Intermittent Fasting

Big Strong U Healthy Eating Basics

Workout Log

Your Big Strong U Workout Log is an essential and conveniant way for you to record your daily activities and share them with me. Keeping a daily Workout Log allows me the opportunity to keep up with how active you are being and make suggestions on how you can alter your daily activities in order to improve your overall health and reach your fitness goals.

It is also an necessary component to tracking your progress, affording you the opportunity to have a record of how far you have progressed along your journey. It will also provide you with the opportunity to view where you have not progressed and identify where you may need to potentially adjust your diet and fitness routines.

Daily activities include:
  • Daily Meals
  • Daily Workouts
  • Rest Day Activities

On you have the option of having your Workout Log be PRIVATE where only you and I can see it; or PUBLIC which allows it to be shared with other Big Strong U Trainees.

Client Workout Logs

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