A Fairytale Romance Written by God

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Relationship Advice

5 WaysTechnology Can Make A Relationship Better

In my lifetime I have seen (& experienced) many relationships destroyed by technology. Here is a brief overview of ways in which technology has destroyed relationships in the last 30 years:

  • Quietly picking up the phone, pressing mute and eavesdropping on a conversation[continue]

He Shares Stupid Stuff Because He Cares

Ladies, have you ever wondered why your man floods your inbox with the most ridiculous things that he sees throughout the day? For those who wonder, here is your answer... HE CARES ABOUT YOU! As part of our nature, men desire to share the THINGS we care about with the PEOPLE we care about. We lo...[continue]


True Love is Literally Right Around the Corner

One of the most fascinating facts regarding me and Meeks' is that from the day we first met in 1994, with the exception of a three year period, we never lived more than walking distance away from each other. Throughout all the various stages of life and changes that we endured; it is a fact that...[continue]


Signs That You Are Not in an Actual Reltaionship WIth Him

Are you familiar with this situation? The man you are involved with routinely calls you late at night and you have to get out of your bed, get in your car and drive to his house. Then you have to drive yourself back home, alone, later that evening. All this while he stays warm and cozy in his ho...[continue]