Our Wedding Day

Corey Buckner
July 28, 2018

We did it! Today we officially became Mr. and Mrs. Buckner. It has been one wold and crazy ride, but we made it to our Promised Land. We are officially married, and are officially one blended family. Like everything else it was a wild time getting in front of the Honorable Pastor Francine Thirus to say our vows.

We nearly didn't make it to our venue on time due to traffic. Then, we nearly changed to another location while en-route, but that location became unavailable to us so we sped our way and made it in time. This is, without a doubt, one of the happiest days of my life, and I thank God that we overcame all obstacles place in front of us and accomplished our desire goal to spend the rest of our lives together!


Our First Weekend Getaway

This was supposed to be just a quick day trip to Six Flags Great America, but it turned into our first weekend getaway. We were having so much fun together at the theme park on Saturday that we decided to grab a hotel room in the area and go back again on Sunday. Although, instead of returning to th...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on August 27, 2016

First Date

These are the only photos that exist of our very first date at "Suh Dude Sundays Virgin Hotel Rooftop Party" in downtown Chicago, IL. At a time when we both had high quality cameras in our phones, these are the only photos taken of us that afternnon... and we didn't even take them. We ha...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on June 07, 2016