True Love is Literally Right Around the Corner

Corey Buckner
November 21, 2018

One of the most fascinating facts regarding me and Meeks' is that from the day we first met in 1994, with the exception of a three year period, we never lived more than walking distance away from each other. Throughout all the various stages of life and changes that we endured; it is a fact that my one true love was always that close to me. Throughout history people have talked about traveling far and wide to find their one true love; yet mine was almost as close as could be.

That should be encouragement to anyone who feels like they cannot find the right one. You never know, while your concern swells; your true love could literally be right around the corner from you. So don't give up hope and don't settle. As we found out, the "right one" does exist. It is not the depth and with of the search that will reveal you two to one another; but instead the accuracy with which you look.

Focus on doing the right things and being the person you are designed to be so that when your paths cross you will recognize one another. As was the case with Meeks and I; our paths did cross a few times between 1994 and 2016. Unfortunately; when they did we were not in a position to recognize one another as our true loves.

In 1994 when we first met, we had a "thing", but ultimately I ended up dating someone else. I honestly regret that decision to this day. In 1996 we briefly rekindled our "thing" with one another before not seeing each other again for a few years. We were both in college at the time, moving in different directions and didn't keep in touch. I saw Meeks in 1999 when I was going through a phase that she found completely unappealing. This time she passed on me... True Story. Then, in 2001 as I was leaving the hospital following the birth of my first child I pulled up right next to her at a traffic light. I saw her again around 2004 going into her condo with her then husband. We did not see or talk to one another again until 2016 when finally, we were in a position where our true love for one another could blossom.

So, as you can see, decisions we made throughout the years prevented us from seeing what was literally right in front of our faces. But, rest assured... almost as soon as we were in a position to see one another for who we were things began happening. So if you are currently holding out for true love, stay encouraged and remain hopeful that your true love is nearby and will be revealed as soon as the both of you are ready for each other.

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