He Shares Stupid Stuff Because He Cares

Corey Buckner
November 29, 2018

Ladies, have you ever wondered why your man floods your inbox with the most ridiculous things that he sees throughout the day? For those who wonder, here is your answer... HE CARES ABOUT YOU! As part of our nature, men desire to share the THINGS we care about with the PEOPLE we care about. We love the combination of the two, and work daily to combine them to create enhanced pleasurable bonding experiences. This is why guys like to get together with our best friends and do things like watch sporting events and barbecue. We are combining the people and things we care about in ways that bring us elevated levels of joy and pleasure.

As such, it is a sign that a man cares about you way when an opportunity arises for him to enjoy some event or experience and his inclination is to invite you to share in it with him. He is letting you know that an experience that he already sees as enjoyable will be made even better by your presence and interactions. Of course, I have to point out that there is a difference between a man inviting a woman to PARTICIPATE and inviting a woman to be used to fulfill his selfish desires. Simply put, inviting a woman to go on a trip with him so that he can have someone to sleep with while he is away from home is not the same thing as him inviting a woman to go out of town with him because there is something there he wants to experience with her. It is imperative that women vehemently understand the difference between these two invitations.

So what does all of this have to do with a man sharing stupid, funny and ridiculous things he finds with a woman? I'm glad you pondered that; and here is your answer. First off, men are notoriously guarded about the silly and goofy aspects of our personalities. Allowing people to see this aspect of our lives sheds the protective layer of dominant, aggressive, alpha manhood that allows us to lead and succeed in many areas of life. Most of us will only expose the mushy, goofy texture beneath our rough exterior with very few trusted and loved individuals. If a man is sharing this aspect of his personality with you, he not only trust you to be responsible with this information, he also anticipates you being an integral component of this layer of life moving forward. In essence, the man is showing the woman that he wants to make one of the most protected and beloved aspects of his life better with her.

Therefore, when a man sees something on the internet that genuinely brings him joy he almost immediately starts thinking about who he can share it with. Why? Because he knows that the joy he is experiencing will be made better by watching people he cares about also experience what he is feeling. Even more so, he anticipates that exponential elevation of that moment that he will experience when he and the people he shares it with begin interacting with one another over the subject matter. The closer you are to his heart, the more quickly and often his desires to share will lead him to you.

Furthermore, not all things that bring a man joy are fit for public consumption. Often as men we see things that are inappropriate, maybe a little vulgar, or completely out of character for what people know about us; yet they still tickle us or bring us joy in some way. Who does a man turn to in order to enhance this experience? He turns to the ones who he loves and trusts the most. Therefore, if you are getting the lion's share of the ridiculous, stupid and lame content that he finds funny; that man REALLY REALLY cares about you and he trusts you!

Know this... in these instances you are genuinely making his life better and more enjoyable. Even if the stuff he sends you is incredibly lame and leaves you wondering, "How is this supposed to be funny," take solace in knowing that just by receiving that message you are being bonded to him and he is bonding himself to you. Just by being the person he turns to when he wants to make enjoyable moments even more enjoyable you and he are becoming closer and closer. Just know that those stupid and silly videos, pictures, etc serve as evidence that you are the seasoning that he is adding to the food for his soul to make life taste even better.

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