Surviving "That Thing" as a Couple

Corey Buckner
May 21, 2020

Surviving Quarantine as a Couple. Recent news report state that quarantine is having one of two effects on couples. Couples are either becoming much closer to one another or being driven apart due to the intensified amount of time being spent together. Quarantine has absolutely made US

Chapter 3: Innovative Dating

What do you do when you are intensely interested in someone who you have a history with and you want to move forward with the relationship, but not too fast? You innovate. That was the situation that Tamekia and I found ourselves in during the Spring of 2016 as we began emotionally connecting wi...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on October 27, 2019

Chapter 2: Hello Mr. Buckner

As I sat there wondering about Tamekia’s relationship status, I found myself a little bit in awe of how my interest had piqued in her so rapidly. Was I really sitting there scrolling through her pictures? Moreover, was I really just a few lines of Facebook code away from reconnecting with some...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on October 19, 2019

Chapter 1: Finding Love Later In Life

This is the 100% true, moment-by-moment account of how we found true love at an older age after having suffered disappointment, sadness, loneliness, divorce and depression. This story will be shared from both his and her point of view as it happened for them, in the moment. We hope that you enjoy ou...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on October 06, 2019

5 WaysTechnology Can Make A Relationship Better

In my lifetime I have seen (& experienced) many relationships destroyed by technology. Here is a brief overview of ways in which technology has destroyed relationships in the last 30 years:

  • Quietly picking up the phone, pressing mute and eavesdropping on a conversation[continue]

posted by Corey Buckner on October 04, 2019