Private Personal Training

I believe in the power to change lives, and one of the most powerful ways to change your life is by taking control of our health and fitness and completely recomposing our physical composition. Through my own victories over an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity I have learned an incredible amount of useful information and techniques to recompose the life. This includes the work that we do in the gym, but goes far beyond that; and includes how active we are, what we eat, how we prioritize our fitness goal and more. I teach and address all of these factors.

I have a limited number of openings available for one-on-one personal training in my private gym in addition to the innovative web tools that I provide to manage and track your body recomposition journey. This approach consists of 1 - 3 days wworking with me in my private gym to accomplish the physical fitness aspect of your body recomposition journey. This allows me to go beyond just a workout routine with you and provide you all the additional and rapid benefits that come from working each individual muscle, working in muscle confusion via varied exercises, timing your dietary events and quickly making adjustments to compensate for lacking body paarts. These sessions are one-on-one with just you, or with me, you and another trainee if you and a partner want to do the training program together. This is the absolute best way for me to coach you through a body recomposition similar to the ones that I have achieved myself.

In addition to these one-on-one sessions you will have full access to all the tools that I make available to track your progress including

  • professional progress photos
  • a weight loss log
  • a training log
  • a BMI calculator and tracker
  • a personal workout plan
  • a personal diet plan

If you are interested in getting private personal training, you can send me your information HERE and we can discuss if personal training with me is right for you.