March 20

2 PROPSposted by Nidoran
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on March 20, 2017

In the process of figuring my 1RM for benchpress, deadlift, etc
while continuing to elevate my strength and (ideally) promote hypertrophy

Slow & Steady, this is a game of inches!

1RM = One Rep Max

Take the max weight you can do 10x
(for me it's 110 lbs)

10 Reps is 75% of 1RM
so I divide 100 by 0.75 to get my 1RM

110/0.75 = 147

my 1RM is 147 lbs, the weight I should be able to bench one time (though won't be able to figure that out until I get a potter lol)

To figure out my Upper-Body Strength Ratio, I divide my 1RM by Body weight

147/157 = 0.94

Which is between Good - Excellent for men 40 - 49 yrs old!

Slow & Steady...

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Corey Buckner
March 21, 2017

I don't deadlift at home either because I don't have enough free-weights. I deadlift at the local gym on Saturday mornings. Sucks not being able to do it at home, but it's probably better that way as it's best to have a spotter when going heavy.
March 21, 2017

I dig that. I have a starter bench and 190 lb of weights total, so I try and vary my workouts. I used to do more, now I'm trying to get more from less, which is why I began deadlifts since they have a long kinetic chain and work numerous systems.

We can only keep trying and support each other while we do! Good Luck, also!

And Thanks!
So Swole Jones
March 21, 2017

Good luck Nordian, I'm digging your goals, I'm still only pulling 135 pounds. I don't have many weights at home so I only get to deadlift at the gym and I have to get in so many other lifts when I am there I am not consistent with it.
March 21, 2017


120 is my max (so far)
I currently workout in my basement, which is a little cramped. When the weather gets better I'm thinking about dragging the weights in the yard for more space, and see what happens there.

I would like to move my own body weight, eventually. But small steps are ok. I'm feeling really good about my new routine. I'm noticing a change! And I get to eat a lot lol!
Corey Buckner
March 20, 2017

Looking good brugh with the cuts. Where are you at right now on the deadlift?