Weight Loss 101 ch. 2

Healthy Eating Basics
Here are some first steps that you will take when you start with Big Strong U. While you are starting here, we will be putting together a more comprehensive eating plan to get you toned up and looking and feeling how you want to. These are some basic preliminary guidelines that should be in place during the times that you are working on your health. I always suggest being reasonable in what you can accomplish with the understanding that the more closely you adhere to these diet guidelines and then build on it, the better (and more rapid) your results will be.

1. Cut out the unnatural/refined sugars.
Natural sugars from fresh fruit, etc is okay and a great way to curb your sweet tooth.

2. Only drink water, black coffee and/or unsweetened tea.
This is one most people struggle with. We are so accustomed to having flavored drinks, that just drinking regular liquids feels unnatural. Unfortunately, sugary drinks will KILL your goals because you can't imagine how much sugar and how many calories we consume by way of drink.

3. Eat at least one light, vegetable only salad daily.
Any dressing is fine, but keep the meat, croutons, and cheese, etc off of it.

This is just a simple and basic strting point to our coaching journey together. While we work, we sill continue to add to this diet plan as we continue to hone a plan that will work to achieve for you maximum results.

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