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Washington, DC National Monument Adventure

Corey Buckner
December 03, 2020

I was brought out to Washington, DC to do some political work, and my hosts were generous enough to buy a ticket for Meeks and I to travel together. They knew this was the best way to convince me to take the trip, lbvs. Anyway, honestly I was extremely busy during the time we were there, but Meeks and I found time to get out together and see some of the national monuments including the Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, the Vietnam War Memorial, and our favorite, the amazing Korean War monument; among others. The biggest takeaway for both of us, aside from how eerie and amazing the Korean War Memorial is, was how enormous and detailed the Lincoln monument is. Unfortunately the museums were closed, so we didn't get to do those; but outside of that it was still an amazing trip to take together. We also got out to Maryland to visit a childhood friend of Meeks, and that was quite a nice treat as well.


Womanish Exhibit Date Night Photos

We had a wonderful time taking time out to visit the womanish exhibit in downtown Chicago, IL. Here are some of the photos of the evening.


posted by Corey Buckner on October 31, 2020

Random Paddle Boat Date Photos

Here are just a few photos from a random paddle boat date that we just had. We decided to go out on the Paddle boat at the Monee Reservoir and spend a couple hours sitting alone out in the water and enjoying one another's company.


posted by Corey Buckner on July 03, 2020

Chicago Auto Show

WE finished off Meeks' birthday weekend by stopping through the Chicago Auto Show. I'm not gonna lie, we were WORE OUT from the weekend's activities by the time we got there; and made a quick stroll through the show and got back in the car and finished heading home. The show was great, b...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on February 09, 2020

Meeks' Birthday Weekend to Hebru Brantly's Nevermore Park Exhibit

Happy Birthday Meeks!
Got her! There is an extremely funny story about how Meeks was surprised with this trip to Flyboy Universe - Nevermore Park as part of her Birthday weekend getaway. She really wanted to go & had NO IDEA what was going on. I whisked her away to Chicago's Drake Ho...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on February 08, 2020