Sunset Cruise on the USA/Canada Border

Corey Buckner
July 30, 2021

In celebration of our third wedding anniversary, we took a sunset cruise along the border of the United States and Canada in Anchor Bay and Lake St. Claire. We chartered the Dream Cruise Charter yacht which left from New Baltimore, MI and we spent the evening drifting through the bodies of water, watching the sun set over the horizon and then enjoying the ride back in the cool and cover of the night. Dave, the ship's captain was both a great guy and an excellent host. Both he and his wife who also accompanied us were extremely accommodating and made us feel right at home. They fed us fruit and other hors d'oeuvre and allowed us to carry on our own champagne and wine.

If you have never watched the sunset while completely surrounded by water it is definitely something you should endeavor to do. Riding along the US/Canadian border was an extremely cool enhancer to the experience; especially since, due to COVID restrictions, were were unable to cross the Canadian border while in Michigan. Looking over into Canada from the water was as close as we could get on this particular trip, and it was honestly the next best thing.

Our cruise took us through the lakeside homes as part of our tour, and all I can say is that those domiciles were incredible. The people utilizing the homes while we floated by were extremely friendly and social... well, as social as you can be from the shore as a yacht floats by. They were fun, and it definitely added to the experience. For me, this cruise was hands down the highlight of our time in Michigan, and if you're in that Port Huron, New Baltimore, Michigan area I highly suggest that you look up Dream Cruise Charter at http://dreamcruisecharter... and book yourself one of their sunset cruises.


We Made it to Motown!

You all know that we weren't going to be this close to the original home of Motown and not make the detour to see it. Unfortunately, the Motown museum is closed for renovation and expansion so we couldn't go in, but it was still really cool to the house that launched the carries of Stevie Wo...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on July 29, 2021

Looking Into Canada from the Blue Water River Walk

Well, we really wanted to go to Canada together, but COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented that. So, we did the next best thing and went all the way to the US/Canadian border and looked over Lake St. Claire into our neighbors to the North. Actually, in this case considering where we were, Canad...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on July 29, 2021

Our Cheesy 80s-Style Photo Shoot in Missouri

So, while we were vacationing in the Ozark Mountains we looked down from our balcony and saw this guy in a cheesy, purple, rayon/foil shirt (and orange New Balance) doing the most awkward and uncomfortable photo shoot for his girlfriend. Thus, we couldn't resist going down later and doing th...[continue]


posted by Corey Buckner on July 21, 2021

Late Night Fun in the Ozark Mountains

We have already been here for a few days, and finally got a chance to get out and enjoy the Ozark "Night Life". We weren't out on the strip in Branson, MO very long, but long enough to have an exciting go kart race and get up and down the strip to enjoy the sights and sounds.


posted by Corey Buckner on July 05, 2021